Saerbeck, February 2017

Trenchless rehabilitation of a mouth-shaped sewer: a special project for the 50,000th SAERTEX-LINER®

In the past year, we not only celebrated the 20th anniversary of SAERTEX multiCom®, but also the production of the 50,000th SAERTEX-LINER® for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipes at our location in Saerbeck in the region of Münster, Germany.

The anniversary liner, weighing 5,346 kg, was delivered to RTI Germany GmbH, a German customer of SAERTEX multiCom® of many years’ standing. The SAERTEX-LINER® Type S+, DN 758 with a length of 152 m, which was produced individually for this special project, was installed in the summer of 2016 in Tirpitzstraße in the city of Oldenburg.

Tirpitzstraße is located in the city centre of Oldenburg, in the government district. It is a road leading right through the centre, with a high volume of traffic. Because of this particular traffic situation in the areas due for rehabilitation, the rehabilitation work had to be carried out at night between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. In order to cope with all of these general, local conditions, the customer chose a light-hardening, glass fibre-reinforced liner as the material.

The combined wastewater sewer in Tirpitzstraße was over 100 years old, dating back to 1914, and showed not only corrosion and cracks, but also several leaks. In addition, the sewer due for rehabilitation was an elongated mouth-shaped sewer, W/H 700/800, so it was necessary for TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH to carry out a complicated calculation of the composite wall thickness in advance. The FE method was used for the analysis, because it makes it possible to map the actual geometries. The structural analysis for the SAERTEX-LINER® Type S+ in condition II with a 1.5-m head of water above the invert revealed a required composite wall thickness of 6 mm.

According to these calculations, the individual glass fibre-reinforced liner could be produced at the plant in Saerbeck, from the individual glass fibre right through to the final product, ready for installation.

The restricted invitation to tender for the rehabilitation was awarded to the Hamburg branch of RTI Germany GmbH. Thanks to the extensive experience of the company RTI Germany GmbH in handling SAERTEX-LINER®s, it was possible to rehabilitate the faulty sewer within the prescribed night-time period without any complications. The combined wastewater sewer was put back into operation on time the next morning.


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Saerbeck, December 2018

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

The year is coming to a close, and so we cast our eyes toward the promise of 2019. The big fi re at the end of January 2018 showed us that, with a partner like you at our side and a motivated team behind us, we can overcome even the greatest of challenges.


Saerbeck, 10th October 2018

Inventory & company holidays in December (Plant Saerbeck)

Due to our annual inventory we would like you to take following dates into consideration during your planning. Our office team will be available to assist as usual.


Saerbeck, 01st October 2018


On these days we will open the doors to the 8th Saerbeck Pipe Symposium in Münsterland.

Of course you will again find exciting lectures, interesting exhibitors in the indoor and outdoor area, live demonstrations and a great evening programme.


Saerbeck, 06th June 2018


Our long-standing customer Swietelsky-Faber scored "very good (1.5)" with its SF shaft liner in a retest of the ICT product test "shaft rehabilitation". 

At our booth at IFAT in Munich last week, IKT-Managing Director Roland W. Waniek presented the IKT product test seal to Jörg Brunecker, Managing Director of Swietelsky-Faber.


Saerbeck, 19th October 2017

New production and warehouse facility for SAERTEX multiCom

The construction work began early October on a new warehouse and production facility for SAERTEX multiCom at the site in Saerbeck. The project involves the installation of additional new production systems to expand the capacity for GRP-liners at the facility, which covers a surface area of  4,500 m2. The field of house connection liners (HASE) is being expanded with new areas, especially for the packaging, the impregnation, and the storage of the new light-cured liner.


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